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If you are not getting a picture from your PS4, there is a good chance your HDMI port is damaged. Firstly the current HDMI port will be inspected, if it is not repairable it will be replaced. We are the experts in PS4 HDMI port repairs.

If your PS4 can no longer read discs, it will most likely mean that the Blu Ray laser will need replacing. Firstly a general service will be performed to see if the laser can be reconditioned, if this proves to be unsuccessful, then there is no other alternative but to replace the laser.

Is your PS4 is not switching on or cutting off after several minutes of play? There are a couple of issues that can cause this problem. Most likely it can be a power supply issue. It is unfortunate that many PS4 consoles are now experiencing this problem. The majority of the time the problem can be fixed.

If your Playstation 4 is not turning on, most likely it will be a power supply related problem. Only genuine power supplies are used for all Playstation 4ís

If your experiencing difficulties with game saves, or accessing your data, then maybe your hard drive needs replacing. Upgrading you hard drive is also a great idea. You can never have enough storage space. No Matter what the problem is, call the experts in PS4 Repairs.

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